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Jigsaw Investment Enhanced Income Fund – JIEIF

Investment Strategy

In the current market real estate investors and business owners need access to efficient, reliable, low friction debt to take advantage of investment opportunities. Jigsaw Investment Partners provides private lending solutions of either senior or junior secured mortgage loans. The opportunity with second mortgage loans is a higher rate of return with low loan to values (LTV) behind senior mortgages that are longer term, low fixed rates and generally include impounds for taxes and insurance. In general borrowers have taken advantage of the sustained low rate environment brought about by the mortgage crisis 10 years ago. These borrowers may have attractive first mortgages but still need access to equity.

Investor Benefits

Attractive yield – JIEIF originates secured real estate loans with a typical interest rate of 9.50% – 12.50%. Through the use of moderate leverage the fund seeks to generate consistent yields in the 8-10% range

Built in Margin Of Safety – JIEIF maintains a diversified loan portfolio secured by real property with typical loan to value ratios of less than 65%. Furthermore, as a private debt vehicle the fund is insulated from public market volatility and global macroeconomic events.

Short Maturities Limit Interest Rate Risk – Fund loans typically mature in 6 – 12 months limiting interest rate risk and market valuation pressures.

THE MANAGER – General Partner

Jigsaw Investment Partners, Inc, a California Corporation, acts as General Partner of the Company. Except for certain voting rights of the Limited Partners, management of the Company is vested exclusively in the General Partner. The General Partner was formed in October 2019. The General Partner’s offices are located at 4000 Executive Parkway, Suite 160, San Ramon California 94583. The General Partner’s
telephone number is +1 (925) 200-7345.

The General Partner’s principal officer and advisor is:

“please contact me directly for a more in depth conversation; for a Private Placement Memorandum and
Subscription Agreement”

Lewis Jepson is the founder of and current President and Chief Credit Officer of Jigsaw Investment Partners, Inc (JIP) and Jigsaw Investment Enhanced Income Fund (JIEIF). For the past 20+ years Lewis has also been the Broker of Record and Principal for Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc. a private money mortgage lender in Northern California.

Experience That CountsIron Oak Home Loans is a premier private money lender who originate, underwrite, fund and service all of their loans.

  • Founded in 2001
  • As of 2020 over $125Million under servicing
  • Over 340 loans
  • Low delinquency and zero loss

Lewis combines over 30 plus years of real estate and mortgage industry leadership and sales experience, he has deep local real estate market knowledge and is considered an expert in the mortgage lending field. Lewis held previous positions as Vice President at Lehman Brothers within their Aurora Loan Services Division and gained his start in the Real Estate industry with Beneficial Financial where he successfully completed their highly competitive management trainee programmed to run a number of portfolio lending branches for them. From 2010 to 2018, Lewis also held the position of Vice President overseeing acquisitions and investment strategy for Community Rebuild Partners, LLC a California-based investment firm specializing in the acquisition, renovation and resale of fix and flip properties personally overseeing over 135 successful projects.

Lewis is a licensed California Real Estate Broker since 1995 and holds a NMLS broker designation both nationally and in the state of California.

Lewis was raised in England where he attended and graduated Reed’s, London, England before attending the London School of Economics. Now he resides with his family in Danville, California.

Target Key Terms

Minimum Investment - $50,000

Annual Targeted Return – 9%

Preferred Return – 7%

Incentives – 50/50 distribution following 7% preferred return and 1% Asset Management Fee

Asset Management Fee – 1%

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4000 Executive Parkway,
Suite 160
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA



4000 Executive Parkway,
Suite 160
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA