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Our clients have flexibility in the type of investment that most
fits their goals, objectives and investment profile.


Our clients have flexibility in the type of investment that most fits their goals, objectives and investment profile.

Jigsaw Investment Partners

Jigsaw Investment Partners was created to provide first in class Real Estate solutions for investors looking to invest in California Real Estate and Borrowers looking to fund their projects.​

Whether you are looking to borrow or invest money we can provide a solution that fits your needs.​

We fund loans that traditional lenders and banks turn away with a commitment of providing fast decisioning and rapid funding for our borrowers.​

For investors we seek to provide steady income while preserving capital and maintaining a margin of safety.

Our Team

Lewis Jepson, Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer
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Phone : 925-200-7345
​CA BRE #01133688

Lewis Jepson is the founder of and current President and Chief Credit Officer of Jigsaw Investment Partners, Inc (JIP) and Jigsaw Investment Enhanced Income Fund (JIEIF). For the past 20+ years Lewis has also been the Broker of Record and Principal for Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc. a private money mortgage lender in Northern California.

Experience That Counts – Iron Oak Home Loans is a premier private money lender who originate, underwrite, fund and service all of their loans.

  • Founded in 2001
  • As of 2020 over $125Million under servicing
  • Over 340 loans
  • Low delinquency and zero loss

Lewis combines over 30 plus years of real estate and mortgage industry leadership and sales experience, he has deep local real estate market knowledge and is considered an expert in the mortgage lending field. Lewis held previous positions as Vice President at Lehman Brothers within their Aurora Loan Services Division and gained his start in the Real Estate industry with Beneficial Financial where he successfully completed their highly competitive management trainee programmed to run a number of portfolio lending branches for them. From 2010 to 2018, Lewis also held the position of Vice President overseeing acquisitions and investment strategy for Community Rebuild Partners, LLC a California-based investment firm specializing in the acquisition, renovation and resale of fix and flip properties personally overseeing over 135 successful projects.

Lewis is a licensed California Real Estate Broker since 1995 and holds a NMLS broker designation both nationally and in the state of California.

Lewis was raised in England where he attended and graduated Reed’s, London, England before attending the London School of Economics. Now he resides with his family in Danville, California.

Jeremy Salamera, Managing Director of Sales
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Phone: 925-786-0405
CA BRE #2055118

Jeremy has been active in commercial lending and the real estate industry since 2003, having worked at larger commercial banks and more recently private money funds. Jeremy’s experience includes SBA financing and more notably, private bridge lending. As the managing partner of Jigsaw Investment Partners, Jeremy focuses on investment procurement and loan origination. His deep experience in private money underwriting and prior SBA experience give an unparalleled ability to qualify loans fast and make the closing process efficient for our clients and borrowers. Prior to Jigsaw Jeremy enjoyed a successful tenure at Rubicon Fund (Commercial Private Money Fund) Union Bank and Wells Fargo Business Division. He graduated from The University of Oregon with a BS in economics while competing as a member of their tennis team. He resides in Danville with his wife and their three daughters. He and his family enjoy going to Tahoe and are avid tennis players. CA BRE #2055118

Mission Statement


For borrowers we provide fast make sense underwriting to meet project needs and timelines.​

For investors we identify and underwrite with the goal of returning high yield low risk returns while preserving capital.​

Through our fleet of services we can match an investment to an investors tolerance, goals and understanding.​

Some would like a straight forward return such as with a First Deed Mortgage or higher returns in secure Second Deed Mortgages.


Jigsaw Investment Partners Management has been involved in California Real Estate for well over 25+ years developing strategy and partnerships that are un-paralleled in the Real Estate industry.​

Each investment is considered on a case by case basis and underwriten to hold up on its own merit.​

Jigsaw Investment Partners also manages Jigsaw Investment Enhanced Income Fund “JIEIF” dedicated to high return mortgages in California.

Our Mission

At Jigsaw, we strive to provide best-in-class alternative financing solutions for real estate transactions in California. We specialize in short term bridge loans providing fast low friction access to capital funding the loans that traditional institutions and banks turn away. Our goal is to not only produce, but also deliver safety and security features not found in traditional investments.

Local Focus

The team at Jigsaw has decades of comprehensive experience in real estate development, underwriting, and finance.

Speed & Security

A combination of efficient and thorough underwriting coupled with a deep investor network and in-house capital allows Jigsaw….


The company is known for seeing every loan commitment through to close. When we commit to a loan, we close.

Private Money Lending

For our borrowers needing fast funding for their real estate purchase or refinance we offer a variety of solutions with quick make sense case by case underwriting. The majority of our lending is in Northern California on single family residences, however, we will fund units, mixed use and commercial properties. We will even consider owner occupied transactions.

​Banks have significantly pulled back lending on non traditional loans, investment style loans and lending in general. We provide rapid decision making and execution as a private lender we seek to be part of the eco-system creating valuable relationships and repeat borrowers.

Our investment clients can realize solid returns through underwritten risk secured returns based on low leveraged California Real Estate. All of our mortgage loans are secured by a deed of trust.

All loans are a mortgage secured by a Deed of Trust. The majority of loans are a First (1st) Deed of Trust, however, we will consider Second Mortgages on a case by case basis. The environment over the past 10 years affording those that can to refinance their current mortgages to low fixed rates (such as 2 – 4%) has given us a unique opportunity to fund quality secure Second Mortgages (2nd.)

With over 25+ years of residential lending experience we have the knowledge and experience to fund a loan correctly. A typical loan is to a credit worthy individual who simply falls short of A paper due to stringent and over bearing conventional underwriting or to a seasoned investor who simply needs the speed and convenience of a Private Money loan.

We like loans that have a clear exit strategy such as a fix and flip or well qualified individual that need our bridge financing to take advantage of or not lose out on an opportunity.

​Brokers welcome and protected.

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4000 Executive Parkway,
Suite 160
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA



4000 Executive Parkway,
Suite 160
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA